Venus is the Love Goddess. She was born from sea foam on the seashore of Delos, a Greek Island. This island remains sacred to this day.

In my depiction of this mythological narrative, I have represented the Love Goddess as a woman, constructed of silver, and wearing a crown of a nacre seashell. I placed Venus on an Island shore of amethyst crystals, surrounded by waves of pewter, glass, iconic seashells, and fishes with crustaceous. I fabricated this island to rotate by a touch of it, and with my symbol, so the viewer may investigate the true seduction of worship that made Venus, at this island of her birthplace, the Love Goddess.

Details: constructed of pewter, amethyst crystals, brass, and stained glass, agate, copper, and sterling. Mounted on a banding wheel to allow the turning of the piece, as the world turns for love.


14 inches High (36 Centimeters)
10 inches Wide (26 Centimeters)
Weight 9 Lb. (aprox. 4-1/2 Kilos).


Sterling Silver
Brass Sheet
Brass Tubing
Amethyst Natural Crystals
Kidney-shaped Aqua Glass
One-half Natural Nautilus Shell
Other Natural Shells
One Ruby

Michael J. Oliver, MFA

September 2013