This work was inspired from an ocean wave at its zenith, and just about to start to plummet back into the sea.

Sea Wave has been constructed from the metal alloy Pewter (no lead). The wave is a dark transparent piece of green glass that was cast off from the casting of bottles in Paraguay, South America. Other materials and techniques include brass, and casting of pewter from plaster molds made from seashells that I have found in my travels throughout the world. Also included are forms from antique permanent molds that I have had since my childhood.

I have incorporated my art upon a banding wheel that I have surrounded with pewter strips to simulate waves or seaweed. By turning the work the banding wheel allows the viewer to view it 360 degrees, for their inspection of small intricacies that I have placed there for discoveries like treasures in the ocean.


height 12 inches;
diameter 10 inches;
weight 11 lbs.

Michael J. Oliver, MFA

Archivo 2013